2008 French "Bonnes fêtes" Booklet

>> dimanche 4 janvier 2009

2008 French "Bonnes fêtes" Booklet
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J'adore ! It's the first time that I have used Flickr option to transfer my philately images to Spot Blogger. It looks like very cool!


Merci Thomas pour ce joli timbre =D

It seems that the French Post has found a gold vein to attract postage consumers, especially French philatelists. They have issued quit a lot booklets like this form. Some of them are quite nice designed like summer vacations series. (Frenchmen know well how to make pleasure their life)Booklets are really small and easy to use because the booklets can be bent into a small piece of paper about 8.5cm X 5.3cm and stamps are auto-adhesive. (For saving the fabrication costs, the border of booklet is also reduced)
As for the image printing quality, it is mediocre for arts series booklets. The problem maybe is on printing paper. Those non-value printed stamps sometimes make problem. One stamp is for internal 20 g letter in France. The post clerks tell me that they are only used for French postage even if it is enough for international postage on my covers. (I don’t really agree with them)
Generally French stamps are very traditional with well printed skill, but lack of creativity in recent years. One reason is high fabrication costs. One obvious example is for their “Series Artistiques”.
“Bonnes fêtes” generally means “have funny in the party” or “good feast”. Anyway Bonnes fêtes and happy New Year!
Non pour faire la guerre !
Oui pour faire la fête !
[Image from La Poste]
"Bonnes fêtes" Booklet image
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