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Many Thanks (Danke) to my German Friend,Helga :) Especially for your nice stamps, postcard and translation. Grace your help ,we can know more about Gallimarkt in Leer (Germany) . It's a wonderful place for funny and culture =)

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Where is Leer in Germany ?

Sorry This info about Gallimarkt in Leer only in germany version :(
[Information from Germany Post : Translation by Helga]

[English Version]
Today the Gallimarkt in Leer is with about half a million visitors the biggest fair in East Frisia and celebrates from the 8th to the 12th of October, 2008 the 500th anniversary of his first-time happening. The fair takes place every year on the five days after the second Wednesday in October, the day of the holy Gallus. In former days up to this day the farmers should have yield the harvest. In 1508 the sovereign of East Frisia, Count Edzard (born in 1461 and died on the 14th of February, 1528 ), obtained Leer the rights to have a fair. Originally the fair to "Gallus" was a cattle market. Nevertheless, it won on and on in meaning and developped, finally, to Leer`s most popular fair , also well-known wide outside Leer.

[German version]
Der Gallimarkt in Leer ist heute mit rund einer halben Million Besuchern das größte Volksfest in Ostfriesland und feiert vom 8. bis 12. Oktober 2008 den 500. Jahrestag seiner erstmaligen Ausrichtung. Der Markt findet jedes Jahr an den fünf Tagen nach dem zweiten Mittwoch im Oktober statt, dem Tag des Heiligen Gallus. Bis zu diesem Tag sollten die Bauern ihre Ernte eingebracht haben.

Im Jahr 1508 erteilte der Landesherr von Ostfriesland, Edzard der Große (im Jahr 1461 geboren und am 14. Februar 1528 gestorben), dem Flecken Leer die Marktrechte. Ursprünglich war der Markt zu »Gallus« ein Kram- und Viehmarkt. Er gewann jedoch immer weiter an Bedeutung und entwickelte sich schließlich zu einem weit über die Grenzen Leers hinaus beliebten Volksfest.


Recent Hong Kong Cover

Recent Hong Kong Cover
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Many Thanks to my HongKong friend, Chiang for this nice cover and chinese new year card. I feel very nice. Thanks too much !
Chinese new year (spring festival) is important for chinese people. Because that means the union of family. This is main value in chinese traditional culture.

I think chinese new year can be international.Because spring festival are not really religion vacations. They are for the reunion of family. To share the happiness together.

This is common value in the world. not only in China.
Christmas has the same value.
Personally I think these festivals can be easily commercialized.

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A very grateful song by ShunZa
Go Home | 回家

Enjoy this moment with family, the smile of your parents, the heat food..
How amazing things =)
It's awesome...
[Information from Wiki]
A litte knowledge from WIKI about chinese culture. especially with their chinese astrology. (a little different form Western astrology)

a small presentation about of chinese new year.


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