MY-15394 Malaysia Bird

>> samedi 7 février 2009

MY-15394 Malaysia Bird
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Thanks to Sftan from Malaysia for your nice bird stamp.

也祝愿所有善良的人们,新年快乐!! 呵呵!!

It is quit a new issue in 2009.
I have chance to get a nice bird stamp :) The special postmark is clear and nice.
Your handwrting is excellent ;)

Although Malaysia Post use 4 colour offset to print the bird issue. It looks quit nice.
The designer did a very good job.
If I don't make a mistake.Maybe this is the same designer for the joint bird issue between Malaysia and Singapore in 2002.
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[Informations and images from Wiki]
The bird of my stamp on the left side is called "Milky Stork".

a nice photo for Milky Stork (Mycteria Cinerea)
Mycteria Cinerea

A little knowledge from wiki ;)

[information from]

[a small video flip about this bird from youtube]

[Informations from]

[Link to Malaysia Post]

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